Happiness Questions and Answers

Is it possible to teach children happiness? Some teachers and parents believe it is possible. Supporters of this idea think that if you’re building character, happiness belongs too. After all, the goal of character education is to help children with specific personal traits and qualities. Happiness is a personality trait that people can cultivate and encourage.

Are there actually classes that teach happiness?

No, you won’t see any class listed that way. You might see a character education program with a focus on things such as: kindness, honesty, integrity and self-esteem. Although the word happiness is not mentioned, all of those traits can lead to happiness. Kind people who are honest and have good self-esteem are generally happy. So it all works together.

What else contributes to happiness for children?

A loving environment works wonders. Feeling loved and safe in the home really puts children at ease. Also, it’s good if they learn to deal with their own emotions. Children have to learn how to handle fear, anger, confusion and sadness. If they can do that, they will find it easier to handle bad things that they encounter.

One important thing for children to learn is they can control their emotions. The way they respond to a situation determines their attitude. If a child gets a bad grade, they can choose to get angry, sad or determined to do better. A child who learns to control how they respond to things is less likely to become discouraged by setbacks.

So, is it really possible to teach happiness? The answer is maybe or maybe not. But it is possible to teach children personality traits that lead to happiness. Positive thinking does make a difference. Although some people frown upon the idea of positive thinking, what could it hurt? Thinking positively will get your further than having a negative downtrodden attitude.