Humans Beings As Characters in a Spiritual Computer Game Environment

When a horse breaks its leg people will shoot it to get it out of its misery but when a human being suffers prolonged unbearable pain with no relief in sight, people are forbidden to do the same to the poor suffering human being. Why is that? In my opinion it is because the souls in humans must learn the principles of good and evil; and constant suffering is one result of the aspect of evil.

Jesus, presently as spirit but having experience as human being, understands the suffering people go through yet he does nothing. Also; why is that?

The answer lies in the fact that Jesus, as spirit, does not see the virtual human being because he is not playing a game in virtual physical reality any more. He did that- -been there. The spirit in Jesus is in reality and cannot see, nor does he want to see humans in any manner. He came to earth to get in contact with soul; soul that was dead to true spirit, by its own actions. Human creatures, projections of deceived spirit as souls, are in the virtual universe to learn about the principles of spiritual good and evil. You, as human being, simply do not exist in spirit. Remember, we (as souls) are dead to positive spirit because we embraced negative spirit, the spirit of deceit. My wife, a constant sufferer of unexplained pain cannot see Jesus or the comforter as friend and comforter. Spirit is concerned with spirit, and humans are not spirit. There is a magnificent lesson to be learned by me and my wife as souls in spirit about the suffering of human beings, but the lesson must be learned in spirit, not in the physical flesh.

Let me ask Christians a question and, really, every religious person; if Jesus, as spirit and as god, is so concerned with humans as religious people why does he not continue to be among us? Why is he so aloof from us humans? He is aloof because he could not give a hoot about virtual creatures. Religions are concepts based on deceit.

Jesus told us that the comforter will come and lead you into all truth. I now understands what he means. The spirit in Jesus is not concerned with human beings, but with the soul projecting the physical human form. My wife is in terrible pain and discomfort and she is very angry with gods and comforters because she feels so abandoned.

However, soul, in its coma, is experiencing this terrible nightmare of the ordeal Carol is going through, non-stop. When a totter is having a nightmare, its mother will be comforting her; lightly shaking her to wake the child up in order to release her from her bad dream. This is what Jesus’ comforter does with a comatose soul in paradise. The Comforter sits by comatose Adam and Woman and waits for signs of these showing signs of being in the bad throws of a nightmare (like Carol’s inhuman experiences with constant pain). The comforter then tries to awaken the soul and when the Comforter is successful, will lead her into all truth- -true reality from whence the soul has been absent for a long, long time. But in waking soul up from its coma, carol’s pain will have instantly stopped; in fact, carol will not be part of our mutual nightmare any longer. By soul waking up carol’s virtual existence comes to an abrupt halt. She will be no more part of physical reality.

Here you can see why what you believe to be good for you in this physical reality is bad in spirit for soul and what is bad for you as a physical being is meant for good in spirit for soul. Jesus talked about that principle a lot. Another way of phrasing this would be:
The devil always disguises himself to us in earth as an angel of light.

The spirit of Jesus came to us in the flesh once because that was the only manner he could get in contact with the spirit of his lost souls- -souls lost in a comatose dream state while dreaming to be present in a physical universe. The universe does not exist in true spirit. It is only a virtual realm created by ground rules, laws, regions, protocol and dogma, etc., etc. in a spiritual computer game environment. He came to bring good news to dead souls (in spirit) about the fact that by embracing truth again they could be real (participate in true reality) again in truth/true reality. Once he clearly brought that message to the human races he has absolutely no more reason to come among us.

Jesus’ spirit wants to discourage his presence among humans as a computer game character so that we, as souls, will not continue to think that physical reality is true reality; and also because the object of the game is for soul to grow desperate about Jesus’ true love for us. He loves us not as humans but as spiritual entities. I hope you can see that. No one can be too concerned what happens to a character you are playing/representing in some computer game.

Souls must learn to understand that their participation as human characters in a virtual educational reality is not true reality but that through playing the game they can get insight that the game environment is not reality; and that they, themselves, presently cannot be in reality because they believed a lie about true reality. Souls are the lost sons of god in paradise who left home (became comatose through believing a system of lies about the realm of truth – -a set of artificial rules that creates a fictitious game environment). This artificial reality (in the parable of the prodigal son this environment is represented as an underfed pigsty cleaner in a cruel kingdom far away from home) was created to allow comatose souls to again learn the truth of true reality so that souls can again wake up from the deceit believed and return home as real beings (as prodigal sons and not as mere game characters in a virtual reality; or, really, quit being in a comatose dream reality).

Now I must more precisely define what a soul is.

Biological creatures such as mammals consist of billions of living, intelligently interconnected cells. Spiritual beings as Adam and Woman, also, consist of billions, if not trillions, of intelligently interconnected entities. Paul, the apostle, correctly referred to these entities as souls in a spiritual being. According to Paul these entities represented in physical life as humans become again living stones in a spiritual temple of carefully arranged living cells/stones when they again wake up from their deceived state.

What the spiritual liar has done is rearrange the interconnectedness of all these entities/souls in the lie-believing spiritual beings so that a new type of computer system or awareness emerged that allowed each cell to be a computer chip in this computer and simultaneously allowed these cells to become active members/game characters in this newly devised computer game environment that the liar introduced into the computer system as a computer game. The potential on which that computer runs of course are the potentials of trust and lie-believed in soul and the computer systems manager is the liar, the god of this universe. This entity is not really evil but part of good to allow us to become true sons of god. I see this liar thus as God’s wife. It is her and her actions that allow spiritual beings to be born again in spirit as true son of the living true god.

We must see this reorientation of the entities that make up comatose spiritual beings as to what the armed forces do to randomly inducted people. Through propaganda, brainwashing and discipline the armed forces’ management rearranges the people’s priorities to that of importance to the military whenever these trained people are under military discipline; or, maybe, as US propaganda and education reorient new-born babies into people singularly oriented to be enthusiastic Americans in outlook, loyalty, and international purpose.
Training-all types of training = indoctrination = brainwashing

Brainwashing is always in subjection and loyalty to a lord and focused against the lord’s present and future enemies.

These things happen in this virtual reality by, really, introducing into the minds of these people/babes sets of lies that make them Americans or America soldiers instead of French people or Chinese soldiers. It depends on the propaganda and brainwashing inculcated into the subjects as to what they believe themselves to be for the rest of their lives and for what purpose they dedicate themselves.

One could reinterpret this system of lies as being the truth about being Americans or soldiers. What, thus, Americans believe is to them the truth of being American is what make Chinese people loyal to the Chinese communist regime as indoctrinated Chinese citizens; and also why Chinese soldiers take the propaganda instilled in them to be their truth. All these outlooks depend on the system of propaganda or lies the people are made to believe during the transition of them as babes knowing nothing to people indoctrinated to believe what government and society has made them to believe.

In truth, there can be only one truth. If different people believe different sort of truth according to their individual system of interpretation than these interpretations are far from any truth! Instead these are all different sets of lies. This hold equally true for the system of religion to which one has been indoctrinated; it all depends on the system of lies believed.

In true reality it is impossible to believe a lie and continue to remain in true reality. Once a lie is believed in true reality one simply has no point of contact left with reality because one has mentally/spiritually entered a realm of fiction- -make believe.

My wife and I keep staring ourselves blind on the human condition in a virtual game environment; instead we must learn to translate the lessons to spirit. Our souls are in much worse condition than us humans. We must realize that the spirits that project us (souls) are dead to reality. We, as humans, are nothing and soul is everything. Can you see that Jesus’ love is not for humans but for comatose souls in spirit who project human forms in a virtual reality? The war is waged in spirit and, and for a while (the time span of Jesus’ life) filtered down into the physical realm. But presently it is again waged in spirit.

Of course, you must realize that we, creatures, can do nothing. It is up to the souls that control us and live through us to observe the spiritual significance of the game and get the message from the experiences of the soul projections (humans) in this horrible physical life.

As you can realize, souls are extreme slow-pokes in getting the message. That is only right because god in paradise told us we would be dead if we would get involved with a liar. Souls are absolutely dead, of no consequence in true spirit, folks! We, as souls, are not in true spirit. Jesus told us many times that we, as souls and as human beings) are dead. He came to us in the flesh to bring us, as souls, back to spiritual life. When that happens to soul, soul is not any more engaged to play games in physical reality (just as Jesus knowing truth cannot remain as player in this game environment created through spiritual deceit).

Now, you can continue to see Jesus’ mission among us, as humans in the flesh concerned as creatures in the flesh in a spiritual game environment created through deceit in true reality; or you can awaken in soul-spirit and see that the physical realm is but a sour dream from which we, as souls, must learn a lesson so we can return to true reality. The lesson must be extracted from the virtual realm because this virtual physical reality is all souls have left after believing a lie in true spirit. Virtual reality for souls spells nonexistence in truth- -to be dead.

The lesson, thus, cannot be easily grasped by comatose/dead spirit. We have each other in the physical realm to help each other; this means, of course, that not us but our souls caught up in the game must realize it. By trying to help human projections as human projections soul must come to realize that even in the game environment, they must recognize ‘evil’ and help correct this evil by introducing ‘good’.

The virtual physical reality is wrought, by design, with fear, pain, suffering, disappointment, etc. through the delicacies and fragility of the flesh; exactly to introduce the ideas of evil in the game environment.

This is the reason that there is so much grief, suffering and pain in the world. Souls get caught up being human creatures in nature rather than realizing they are spirits playing a game in virtual reality; from which game they must extract the truth from the spiritual confusion of playing this virtual existence in earnest.

One can create evil in the game environment by being self-serving to the point of becoming an insane despotic maniac; and, also, one can become someone in the game environment so absorbed in the task as seeing oneself as a true creature in this false environment by opposing the despot and by helping and curing people/game-entities in distress. Soul must again extricate itself from its complete absorbment in the game to again become active sane spiritual entities. Only by spiritually being observantly active as individual soul in the game environment can the task of the game be comprehended and the goal of the game reached. The goal, of course, is for soul to fully understand the spiritual significance and concepts of ‘good and evil’.

Realize that in the physical realm everything changes; nothing at all stays constant, not even space, time, distance and orientation; this is only possible in a virtual reality. Everything is designed to change according to a set of active rules that have been programmed into the environment. Death of a game character is such a variable, but only to again appear as a life game character in a changed form and setting with the promise of again getting a chance to get to the spiritual truth of things.

The spirit does not necessarily feel your pain as a human being. Your human body is in the virtual game, not soul’s own sensory and feeling system (if souls even have those). The pain and death are only in the game, and on some level souls can experience them. It is through the human experience to which soul has some connection that soul must learn about evil and good.

We can all see that the human being dies, but its soul is eternal. See; there is a hermetic barrier, like that of computer game environment and computer game characters and the humans controlling the characters in the game. If in a game your character is blown up or cut to pieces, you are still whole; and you could, if you wanted to, insert another character that represents you into the game and try to win the game this time around.

In the spiritual computer system there may be an indicator that shows your character’s pain level, sorrow level, joy level, etc. in gradated bars. Let’s say you and I are contending in a computer game. Your character’s pain level may indicate 500 and my pain level 5. Your sorrow level may indicate 700 while my character shows pain level 5 and joy level 700 because my character is winning out on your contending character. If we have a $500 bet on winning the game, my actual joy level may very well be 700 and your sorrow level could register 600 depending on our individual worth.

In spirit, when soul matures in playing the game, it may suddenly realize that it is not just a game but that the principles of good and evil are imbedded in the playing of the game to extract a enw principle or two. Now, this soul is way ahead in realizing the educational character of the game and plays some more games to understand exactly what principles apply in the prime concepts of good and evil. When it fully understands, it does not have to play the game any more because it remembers what god said about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (computer game environment) “Do not mess with the tree that reveals the principles of good and evil; because if you do you will certainly die (become comatose).

Now, after understanding the game’s purpose and by obtaining the game’s goal, soul can see that god did tell the truth after all; and soul can wake up from its silly misconception of believing lies about true reality and the god thereof.

As this soul walks away with the knowledge and understanding that evil has no place or purpose in reality it graduates and it may enter the house of the true god who is only good, but also fully understands the principles of evil.

Now you, as soul, are truly his son and you are welcome in his own house and become again integrated into a living temple which corner stone is the truth in the spirit in Jesus. This living temple is the new Adam and Woman, fully integrated in one living temple.